Corazôn De Angeles

Archived performance of Theater Tol - not to be booked any more.

In this aerial performance, which was created in 2005, lightness and joy were the most important themes. Corazón de Angeles was about a wedding, in which the beloved couple ate each other, danced, flew. They were in love and surrounded by good company: musicians and creatures out of fairy tales.
The performance was inspired by history, where the bouquet of flowers originally consisted of a bunch of strong spices, to expel the evil ghosts and bad influences out of marriage. The big present for the newly-married couple in this performance were the angels: the protectors, the dreamers, the wise ones. The audience was the guest at the wedding. In that way the angels didn't only bring the good things for the beloved couple, they moved the guests and let them be touched by their positive energy as well.

The extended version of Corazón de Angeles, named Garden of Angels, is still one of the current performances of Theater Tol.